Chainmaille Originals

Chains Everything--Steel Your Style!
Chainmaille Fashioned into Jewelry



Grail Ware is Stainless Steel Chainmaille  Jewelry.

Buy it now or Build it Yourself

using the

Grail Ware Chainmaille Makers Blueprint


 Masters blueprint


show the World Your Steel!


Grail Ware was born from a passion to make chainmaille

and a desire to have it mean something special,

chainmaille fashioned into jewelry.

Each piece is infused with purpose.

A Relic, You make, to honor the Warrior within.

For Passion or Profit


The Grail Ware Chainmaille Series Blueprints will connect you with Purpose as you create value with affordable unique jewelry pieces that make a statement and define your style.

Fuel Your Passion making heirloom gifts for loved ones or Profit and sell Your new creations to the World.

Begin now or Continue Your Quest


The Grail Ware Chainmaille Series Blueprints and Create Your own Unique Styles

The ArmorY

The Compendium of Grail Ware Chainmaille Originals

7 Series with more than 50 styles to choose from.

Your purposeful pursuit for passion or profit is here!


Master the art of chainmaille  and explore the possibilities!
Grail Ware can take You there!
Pieces made so far?